Industrial animal production has been one of the biggest sources of who many people eat every single day around the world. In fact, a huge percentage of the world’s cows are from Brazil, bluefin tuna from Asia, and pigs from the US and other European countries, such as Germany and Spain. However, most of the animals coming from overseas that we consume as food had their lives cut short. Today, it seems like we’ve decided non-human animals only serve one purpose: to be bred and killed for food.

This perception of animals isn’t right. Be a role model in fighting against social impact examples, such as animal abuse, by opposing animal cruelty and becoming a voice for these creatures who also deserve to be respected and loved. Even when you’re overseas, you can do a lot for humanity.

What is live export?

The live export of animals is the trade of transporting animals across nations. According to the Guardian, 5 million animals are transported to new countries every day as live export, often under poor and inhumane conditions. Also, according to a report by UN Comtrade, the live export industry had a worth of more than 20 billion dollars in 2017 alone. Based on that number, it is estimated that around 2 billion chickens, pigs, sheep, cows, and other animals are being exported from country to country.

a pig

During the same year, 6.2 million live pigs from Denmark were sent to Poland; 2 million sheep were exported by Romania, and 4 million live chickens were exported from the Netherlands to Thailand.

So, what’s wrong with that? Some people may think that it’s just business, but behind the curtain, this trade is risking the lives of these animals. A huge number of animal cruelty cases went unchecked. 

Other than being exposed to high levels of ammonia during sea travel, live animals that are being exported can also become infected with salmonella or E. coli. Traveling by truck, they are also confined in tight spaces, where it can be hard to breathe in, and they aren’t provided food to eat or water to drink. When they reach their destination, they will be subject to merciless torture and slaughter. This is a solid reason for you to fight some social impact examples and make a change for these animals.

How can we save animals locally and overseas?

Animal charities have raised their voices as a plea to stop the abuse of animals that is associated with the live export industry. They have been active advocates to set social impact examples and find ways to solve them.


It’s not just the animals who will suffer. There is a possibility that the exportation of farmed animals may also pose a danger to the country receiving the animals. If the animals’ health condition after the long journey is not checked or basic hygiene standards are violated, they could spread viruses that can be transmitted to humans. Animals kept in close confinement have been the cause of many disease outbreaks, such as bird flu.

To prevent the negative effects of these practices and fight other forms of animal cruelty, you can donate to and support animal sanctuaries all around the world. For example, you can check out where Best Friends Animal Sanctuary is and see what you can do to help them. We believe you can make a difference.

In what ways can we prevent animal abuse and suffering?

In order to prevent the animals from being in situations of abuse or suffering, you can choose to switch to a plant-based diet. Eating a plant-based diet and following a vegan lifestyle will ensure you avoid animal cruelty as much as possible.

You can search online for healthy yet tasty vegan food recipes that you will definitely enjoy. You can also tell a friend or two about what you’ve learned and how they can eat plant-based foods for the sake of saving and protecting animals.

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