Manage your Corporate Social Impact

We help companies accomplish their Corporate Social Responsibility goals through certified giving and verified output.

How it Works

Through your OM Gaurantee impact partner account, you will be able to start supporting Social Impact projects directly from your account dashboard. Receive up-to-the-moment output tracking data on the account dashboard.

1. Register as an OM Guarantee Corporate Partner to start your Social Impact

2. Support Multiple Projects from your Corporate Partner Dashboard

3. Choose each Social Impact segment you want to support and then your Funding Level

4. Verified and Measurable output metrics will be displayed on your Dashboard

The OM Guarantee

We make sure that the output you expect is delivered on. With your OMG dashboard you will be able to view all of your current social impact ouputs, subscriptions and metrics.

OM Guarantee Certification is your Proof-of-Impact

Our aim is to make responsible social impact commitments a reality. With the OM Guarantee Certificate we are giving you proof that all outputs expected have been completed at the project.

Proof-of-Impact is the OMG answer to reliability questions in the social impact world.

Publicly Visible Social Impact Output

As an OM Guarantee Giving Partner all social impact outputs are recorded on the blockchain and shown to the world.

Installing your OMG widget to display your measurable social impact

Once you purchase your social impact, all you need to do then is to embed your custom [widget code] on your website. You can copy your custom [widget code] from your OMG widget code page under My Account once you are logged in.

You will see there is a Light version with a white background and a Dark version with a black background to choose from. 


Our new WordPress plugin will make it even easier to start making a measurable social impact and installing your OMG Certification!


Why Today's Companies Choose to have a Measurable Cause Marketing Strategy

Most consumers today are demanding that companies not only be socially-responsible but that they also give back in a meaningful way. In fact, 71% of young consumers will even change brands if one is more charitable than the other. However, until now, such cause marketing has never been measured. In other words, what actually happens with those percentages of sales given to charitable causes?