Built from the knowledge of working in
Social Impact for Over 39 Years

OM Guarantee is a B-certified company focused on providing transparency between Corporate Philanthropy and Impact Projects delivering measurable social impact.

Our mission is to provide the most cost-efficient way for socially responsible companies to align their brand with a cause that delivers measurable social impact.

Founder, Paul Rodney Turner serving meals to needy children in India.

We started with the idea that capitalism could be harnessed to improve world conditions and that there are already businesses that want to help with the financial ability to do so. However, Social Impact Projects and their supporters require better tools to measure impact output that matches the expectations of supporting businesses.

By utilizing blockchain technology we are improving the entire impact funding to measurable project output cycle. On top of this OM Guarantee systems are building out the social output record infrastructure needed to create efficiency that is deeply integrated with Social Impact Projects and their supporters.

Our Project Partners

By aligning with the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), OM Guarantee works to identify projects that are taking the lead in delivering efficient output in alignment with these goals.

Each Impact Partner is carefully vetted for performance before becoming part of the OM Guarantee Impact Partner program. From there we work with these project partners through our 5-step, blockchain-based output certification process.

As we identify more Impact Partners, we will expand our measurable social impact offerings.  

Paul Rodney Turner,
the Founder

OMG is the brainchild of Paul Rodney Turner, founder and director of Food for Life Global.

Paul wanted to bring the cost-efficiency of Food for Life Global to the social marketplace by providing socially-responsible businesses with an easy, measurable, and cost-effective way to make a positive difference in the world.

Over the last 39 years, Australian-born Turner has traveled to 72 countries throughout Europe, Asia, and the Americas, helping to inspire and set up new charity projects and train volunteers.