Blockchain Infrastructure to Verify Corporate Social Good

We help companies accomplish their Corporate Social Responsibility goals through certified giving.

Layers of Measurability and Transparency

The core of supporting Social Impact is ensuring the output promised is realized. Our blockchain solution is designed to start tracking upon receipt of funds. After that, we verify the funds are delivered to the Social Impact project and the project delivers on your output expectations.

Public Output Records

Our blockchain-based tracking system provides public access to the total social output each Corporate Partner has completed. CSR-focused companies are leveraging this feature to gain more consumer trust in the market.

Each Corporate Partner public profile page contains all giving transaction data, complete with a 4 unique blockchain records. The blockchain hash ID listed per transaction allows viewers to directly analyze the records on the EOS Blockchain.

Proof-of-Impact with the OMG Certificate

The OM Guarantee Certification is a visible representation of your company’s total impact data.

This includes output amounts across all the Social Impact projects you support.

What You Get

Become a Certified Corporate Giving Partner and Start Giving Back in a Measurable Way!