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Helping Humanity Overseas

Industrial animal production has been one of the biggest sources of who many people eat every single day around the world. In fact, a huge percentage of the world’s cows are from Brazil, bluefin tuna from Asia, and pigs from the US and other European countries, such as Germany and Spain. However, most of the […]

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How Organic Agriculture Combats Deforestation

  Many studies and experts tout the benefits of organic agriculture from being sustainable to being environmentally-friendly. But then, what does environmental impact mean in this industry? Can organic agriculture help fight climate change? Can it contribute to ending world hunger and the water shortage crisis? Read on to find out the answers. Environmental impact: […]

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How to Support a Better Future After Retirement

  You’ve probably planned how you’ll spend and enjoy your golden years after your retirement. You’ll finally have the chance and time to do what you’ve always wanted. After retirement, you will be free to go traveling or pursue a hobby or activity you’ve always wanted to try – hopefully, nothing too dangerous though. However, […]

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The Fight For Human Health and Against World Hunger

  Food is the single most significant source of life—just like water and oxygen, but what if we tell you that if not taken conscientiously, the food that you eat can be a source of death and destruction? Do you think whatever is on your plate has a positive social impact? You see, for hundreds […]

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