Healthy living with holistic health products and concepts. Dr. Jacob's Medical was founded in 1997 by Drs. Jacob. We combine old knowledge with current science and act in the interests of people, animals, and nature. Dr. Jacobs's nutrition plan offers you an overall concept on the subject of healthy eating.

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Certification Mark Claim

The OM GUARANTEE™ certification mark used by Dr. Jacob's Medical GmbH is authorized by OM Guarantee DAO LLC and guarantees that the social impact claimed by Dr. Jacob's Medical GmbH for products and/or services purchased through our business is legitimate and has been captured in the EOS blockchain.

Furthermore, the services provided by Dr. Jacob's Medical GmbH have been produced, traded, and marketed in accordance with the OM Guarantee DAO LLC's social responsibility, environmentally conscious, animal-friendly and vegan standards.


Children Fed


Trees Planted


Rescue Animals Fed

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