Yearly Contract

There are 2 ways you can participate in the OM Guarantee program:


Agree to a yearly contract that is paid at the end of the year or in quarterly installments (set up a consultation now)

The key thing to consider here is how much your company can afford to invest in OMGs per product sold. For example, if you sell an inexpensive consumable item, then you are probably dealing with a very tight profit margin, so you may prefer to go with one OMG unit of 25 cents per product sold. However, if you are selling a larger ticket item, then you can scale this OMG unit to as high as you wish. For example, if you can afford to invest $25 of profits from the sale of your product or service, that equates to 100 meals being served to needy children. You can advertise this OM Guarantee of “100 meals served” to every customer that purchases your product or service, which will give you a clear market advantage over your competitors. To learn more about this customizable opportunity, please book a consultation.

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 2. OMG Packages

You pay up front for a set number of OMGs to be delivered in your company's name. With this option, your company will also receive a digital certificate that can be displayed on your corporate website. Go now to purchase OMG Packages.

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