Pay As You Go

Pay As You Go monthly subscription

Agree to a monthly subscription of a set number of OMGs. In other words, you set the price you can afford to attribute OMGs to your product or service.

With this option, you decide how much your company can afford to invest in OMGs per product or service sold. For example, if you sell an inexpensive consumable item, then you are probably dealing with a very tight profit margin, so if you wish to feed children in need then you may prefer to go with 1 OM Guarantee certification credit (50 cents) per product sold which will equate to one child receiving a freshly cooked meal. However, if you are selling a larger ticket item, then you can scale your social impact to as high as you wish. For example, if you can afford to allocate $25 of profit from the sale of your product or service to social impact this will equate to 50 meals being served to needy children.

You can then advertise your OM Guarantee of “50 meals served” to every customer that purchases your product or service, giving your company a clear marketing advantage over your competitors.

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