Why You Need a Measurable Cause Marketing Strategy

Why You Need a Measurable Cause Marketing Strategy

Most consumers today are demanding that companies not only be socially-responsible but that they also give back in a meaningful way. In fact, 71% of young consumers will even change brands if one is more charitable than the other. However, until now, such cause marketing has never been measured. In other words, what actually happens with those percentages of sales given to charitable causes?

To address this issue, we founded feedOM — the kindly ecosystem that now licenses the OM Guarantee™ certification. feedOM’s mission is to help socially- responsible and conscious companies and consumers participate in a mutually beneficial, output measurable humanitarian effort to end child hunger, animal abuse, and remedy the adverse effects of deforestation.

OM stands for Output Measurable – what we offer is a cost-efficient way for companies to make a positive social impact that is not only measurable but certified too! Each OM Guarantee™ only costs 25 cents and for that little amount, by leveraging the cost-efficiency of Food for Life Global, we can absolutely guarantee that a needy child receives a freshly cooked vegan meal. Furthermore, every transaction with feedOM is captured in the blockchain!

We are also offering OM Guarantees to feed rescued animals and plant trees by working with other charity partners. So depending on your company’s mission and values, you can choose one of three social outputs.

Combining your corporate social responsibility with a measurable cause marketing strategy delivers a clear message of integrity to your customers and builds loyalty.

If you’re seeking better public relations, the use of a focused and brand-relevant measurable cause marketing strategy as a major thrust of your CSR programs ensures happier clientele and stakeholders that directly improve overall marketing and financial performance.

In addition to bettering society and the environment, a measurable cause marketing-focused CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) delivers more sales as consumers prefer purchasing from brands that make certified and visible social impacts.

Another beautiful aspect of the OM Guarantee™ certification is that unlike a donation, you are purchasing a digital asset and so your expense can be categorized as an advertisement**.

The bottom line here is that with the OM Guarantee™ certification, needy children win, rescued animals win, the planet wins, and your company’s brand reputation and customers win.

feedOM will soon be launching other OM Guarantee™ sales applications to enable the customers of our OM Guarantee™ certified companies to offer instant gratification to their customers by seeing the impact of their purchase. Their purchase receipt will state exactly how many children will receive a vegan meal, how many rescued animals will be fed, or how many trees will be planted because of their purchase! Just imagine the customer loyalty this will foster?

To get started as an OM Guarantee™ certified company, simply self certify your social responsibility by registering on our website and purchasing as many OM Guarantee credits that your marketing budget permits. You will be provided a custom code to display the social impact your company has made on your website, as well as a custom QR code that you can place on your product packaging or on your storefront window.

It’s that easy!

feedOM is the leading provider of impact-driven CSR and measurable cause marketing for socially responsible companies. 

Stand out in your industry with the OM Guarantee™ certification. Show that you care and incentivize consumers to do business with you.

** Consult your tax advisor.

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