Why Get Involved


The primary benefits of cause-related marketing are a greater bond with consumers and the goodwill that comes along with doing charity, however, with the OM Guarantee™ certification, you not only get the guarantee of measurable output, but you’ll also get the added benefit of being recognized for your social responsibility.

The OM GUARANTEE™ certification provides a clear and distinguishable market advantage for companies wanting to show their commitment to a social cause, and what better way than adhering to the best ethical, environmental and social standards while also supporting the health and well-being of hungry children worldwide, caring for abused animals, and planting trees!

As a feedOM™ partner you’ll be able to use the OM GUARANTEE™ on your approved products and/or services, and if you choose our point of purchase model, for as little as 25 cents to $1 on each sale, you can guarantee to your customers that they have made a measurable positive change in the life of one child, rescued animal or the planet.

It’s as easy as that!

The partnership level depends entirely on your budget – however, the more you commit the more children are fed; the rescued animals are fed, and the more trees planted.

Consider the Benefits

As an OM GUARANTEE™ certified company, you can hold your head high that you and your employees are making a positive social impact that is measurable, separating your brand from others that make vague and misleading claims about giving back.

To get started, simply proceed to our member application where you will be presented with 4 simple questions. Get them right and you can complete your membership and start participating in the feedOM™ kindly ecosystem.

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