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We want to help you become the hero in this story

Sometimes we all reach that point in life where we realize that the tiniest efforts do matter. I got to that point several years ago when I discovered how many children in the world live in abject poverty.

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Most of these children often starve and eventually suffer from severe malnutrition or even die of hunger. As a social entrepreneur, the realization that it practically costs nothing to feed a hungry child fueled my desire to make it easy for other business owners to do good and add real value to their brand story.

Imagine for a moment, that you are a parentless child living under a bridge begging for food. Your clothes are worn out, you are cold, hungry, and confused. You feel unloved. Now, imagine in the midst of this darkness, you see a hand stretched out to lift you up. The person offering that hand has a reassuring smile and tells you, “I can help you.” Imagine the relief in your heart knowing that you finally feel valued?

That outstretched hand can be yours because you are the hero in this story.

With the OM guarantee™ certification, our company, OM Guarantee Inc. is providing an innovative and measurable way for caring entrepreneurs like you to directly improve the lives of such needy children.

The OM Guarantee™ is a certification of Social Good.

It is the most cost-efficient way to standardize your Corporate Social Responsibility without allocating unique resources for planning, implementation, and execution. With the OM Guarantee™ certification, your brand can stand out above others and improve customer loyalty by attaching a measurable social impact of feeding children, feeding rescued animals, or planting trees.

For example, for as little as $30 a month your company can be feed 15 children in need for a day*. Each OM Guarantee certification transaction is captured in the EOS blockchain and your social impact is displayed in real-time on your website!

Most consumers today are demanding that companies not only be socially-responsible but that they also give back in a meaningful way. In fact, 71% of young consumers will even change brands if one is more charitable than the other.

Combining your corporate social responsibility with a measurable cause marketing strategy delivers a clear message of integrity to your customers and builds loyalty. 

You can clearly demonstrate that your company cares.

OM Guarantee Inc. is your partner for certifying social good and we are here to help you become a hero. 

To learn more about the OM Guarantee™, please read: https://omguarantee.com/how-does-it-work/

Or to get started, please register your company here.





Paul Rodney Turner
Co-founder & CEO