OMG Standards

Vegan Standard

Animal Welfare Standard

The OM Guaranteeā„¢ will only be awarded to companies that adhere to the following animal welfare standards.

OM Guaranteed (Food, drink, cosmetics, and household) products cannot:

  • Contain ingredients of meat, fish, fowl, animal by-products (including silk or dyes from insects, leather or animal skins, or hair), eggs or egg products, milk or milk products, honey or honey bee products
  • Involve no animal testing of ingredients or finished product by a supplier, producer, manufacturer or independent party
  • Provide supplier verification that animal products were not used in the manufacturing of ingredients

Leaping Bunny Standard

Environmental Standard

Industry Sector Standards

Each industry sector will have its unique set of standards that companies will have to demonstrate they adhere to. It will not always be appropriate to expect some companies to be strictly vegan.


Minimum OMG-Standard Compliance

AutoEqual Opportunity, Environmental
TravelEqual Opportunity, Environmental
AccommodationEqual Opportunity, Environmental
RestaurantsEqual Opportunity, Vegan
LeisureEqual Opportunity, No Child Labor
ApparelEqual Opportunity, No Child Labor, Vegan, Environmental
Consumer Staples
DrinkEqual Opportunity, Vegan, Fair Trade
FoodEqual Opportunity, Vegan, Fair Trade
SupplementsEqual Opportunity, Vegan
Household itemsEqual Opportunity, Vegan
Personal productsEqual Opportunity, Vegan
Renewables (Solar, Wind)Equal Opportunity, Environment
BanksEqual Opportunity
Financial ServicesEqual Opportunity
InsuranceEqual Opportunity
Health Care
BiotechnologyEqual Opportunity, Vegan
Health Care Providers & ServiceEqual Opportunity
Life Sciences Tools & ServicesEqual Opportunity, Vegan
AirlinesEqual Opportunity
Information Technology
IT ServicesEqual Opportunity
Internet Software & ServicesEqual Opportunity
SoftwareEqual Opportunity
Real Estate
HousingEqual Opportunity, Environment
BuildingsEqual Opportunity, Environment