Why CSR Businesses Need to Engage in Measurable Cause Marketing

Nowadays, it is pretty common to see businesses instigating and developing plans targeted towards Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and sustainability. In general, CSR is considered an act that involves the combination of environmental and social concerns into a firm’s strategies and plans.

So, What Is Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)?

CSR initiatives are self-regulated models created to aid businesses to become socially responsible to themselves and the public at large. The practice of CSR provides companies with a sensible kind of impact on all aspects of the society comprising of economic, environmental, and social values. Corporate Social Responsibility takes a wide-ranging concept that can adopt several forms integrated into the business.

Is Cause Marketing different from Corporate Social Responsibility?

Yes, it is different. Cause marketing entails a business undertaking some form of marketing or sales campaign that incorporates a charitable element. For CSR, it takes a broader outlook, as the economic, environmental and social impacts are ingrained into the company’s plan and processes, not just a portion.

Can Cause-related Marketing Enhance A Company’s Brand?

Cause-related marketing is not only crucial for its community effort, but it is also valuable for the company. The activities engaged by selected charity partners can aid any brand to create a stronger bond with customers and boost morale amongst employees. The use of the right cause-related program is helpful to both employees and employers in creating more connections, and a better understanding of customer’s demand. The closer the cause supported can align with the core mission of the brand, the better.

Therefore, cause-related marketing is vital to:

  • Creating a unique approach to raising workplace morale.
  • Increasing a brand’s positive image.
  • Increasing customer loyalty

What does a CSR strategy with a Measurable Cause Marketing (MCM) Campaign Look Like?

On a global level, any company can become a world leader in selected fields by integrating the right business approach, however, to be successful in meaningful Corporate Social Responsibility, it implies identifying how your business model will deliver economic, environmental, and social impacts in a measurable way. In addition to the healthy development of a business model, the integration of a measurable cause marketing initiative as part of your CSR offers the following benefits:

Giving Back Measurably

The give back to communities and individuals can positively impact your company’s growth. Combining your Corporate Social Responsibility with a measurable cause marketing strategy delivers a clear and detailed footprint on what method or steps to take in achieving sustained customer loyalty.

Improve Brand Integrity

This benefit is evident for businesses seeking better public relations. The use of a focused and brand-relevant MCM as a major thrust of your CSR programs ensures happier clientele and stakeholders that directly improves financial performance.

Increase in Sales

In addition to enhancing society and the environment, MCM-focused CSR delivers more sales as consumers prefer purchasing from brands that make certified and visible social impacts.

Increase Market Value

MCM-focused CSR initiatives deliver a positive impact on your market value and overall reputation through the delivery of economic, environmental, and social impacts.

In Conclusion,

CSR programs that are certified with a measurable social impact come with limitless potential to help a brand grow. Corporate Social responsibility and giving back to the community in a measurable way are guaranteed to enthuse everyone that comes in contact with your brand. The delivery of a measurable and sustainable CSR can be achieved using the new OM Guarantee™ certification service offered by feedOM’s kindly ecosystem, a B Corporations recently founded in California. The OM Guarantee™ certification delivers a cost-efficient approach for socially-responsible brands to make a certified, measurable, and positive impact that also enhances the brand and sales.


feedOM™’s mission is to help socially- responsible and conscious companies and consumers participate in a mutually beneficial, output measurable humanitarian effort to end child hunger, animal abuse, and deforestation.

The OM Guarantee™  sponsorship opportunity is exclusively offered to socially-responsible companies that align their product or service with conscious consumerism, including advocating for fair-trade and equal opportunity employment, and when relevant, adhering to strict vegan and eco-friendly standards.

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