What is OM Guarantee?

OM Guarantee™ is a B Corp registered in California that owns the license and trademark for the OM GUARANTEE™ certification mark and who sells OM Guarantees to support the work of charity partners.

What is the kindly ecosystem?

OM Guarantee’s kindly ecosystem is a platform for socially-responsible companies and consumers to participate in a mutually-beneficial output-measurable exchange of dollars for doing good for the planet, animals, and children

How can my company become a member of the OM Guarantee kindly ecosystem?

Companies can register here. The application requires a self-assessment of social responsibility and is measured against our OM Guarantee Standards. The basic level of social responsibility is to have an equal opportunity and environmental policy. If we find that a registered company is not meeting our OM Guarantee standards for their respective industry, we reserve the right to cancel their membership.

What is the OM Guarantee™ certification?

A sponsorship opportunity exclusively offered to socially-responsible companies that wish to make a positive social impact that is measurable and certified. The OM GUARANTEE™ (OMG) is a certification that can be used on a companies product and or service to show your company’s social impact clearly.

How much does an OM Guarantee™ Certification cost?

The cost of each OM GUARANTEE™ certification varies depending on the social output. For feeding a child it costs 50 cents, for feeding a rescued animal it costs $1 and for planting a tree it is just 25 cents. However, the minimum purchase is $25. A company can attach an OM GUARANTEE™ to a specific product(s) or certify their entire brand. 

Is there a setup fee?

We will be introducing a one-time setup fee on February 1, 2021. The fee will be $199 and will cover the following services:

  1. OM Boarding as a member of the OM Guarantee kindly ecosystem
  2. Custom QR code and certification code for your website
  3. High-resolution Certification for marketing, storefront ads, or packaging.
  4. Social media exposure, including regular cross-promotions from the OM Guarantee accounts
  5. A custom 30-second OMG promo video of your brand video for IG and promotional meme.
  6. Life-long tech support for as long as you are a member.

How can the OM Guarantee™ help my company?

Every OM GUARANTEE™ certified product you sell can give you a distinct marketing advantage over your competitors and help your company sell more products or services. On top of that, since the purchase of OM Guarantees are not a donation but a sponsorship, there are significant tax benefits as well. Furthermore, you can be sure that customer loyalty will be enhanced once your customer learns that their purchase has resulted in a positive social output.

How can a company display the OM Guarantee™?

Once you purchase OM Guarantees, you can go to your company’s MY PURCHASES page, where you can grab your custom code to add to your website. This unique code will display the OM Guarantee™ certification on your website along with a running total of OMGs your company has delivered for each social output (feeding children, animals, or planting trees). You can also download a high-resolution version of the OM Guarantee™ certified QR code that you can use on your product or display in your store.

How will my company be certified?

A company must first qualify to be a member of the OM Guarantee™ kindly ecosystem before being allowed to purchase OMGs. You can apply here through a  self-audit process.

Who is delivering the social outputs?

Charities must also apply for membership, and only those charities that meet our criteria of aligning with our mission and values and who can provide OMG outputs in the most cost-efficient manner will be selected as an OM Guarantee™ charity partner. If you represent a charity and wish to participate, apply here.

How can I ensure the delivery of the social outputs?

Each transaction inside the OM Guarantee kindly ecosystem is captured in an EOS blockchain to ensure the integrity of the purchase and deliverable. To understand more, read this.

Can individuals participate in the OM Guarantee kindly ecosystem?

Yes, we have created OM Guarantee™ Gift Cards with three values, $25, $50, and $100 equating to OM Guaranteed positive social outputs for feeding children or animals or planting trees. Individuals can register using their social media login and then purchase and gift these cards to friends or family. The recipients of the OM Guarantee™ Gift Card can then redeem their card after also creating an account and then share the good news on their social media.