How it Works



Consumers will be able to use OM CORPS blockchain-powered merchant services to purchase goods and services as they normally would, only with every purchase a set number of OMGs will be delivered.

However, just by downloading our mobile application they will get the satisfaction of feeding a child a hot vegan meal in 60 seconds. These meals will be sponsored by our corporate partners.

Furthermore, consumers will also be able to use our Mobile marketplace to search for OMG certified products and services.


By becoming an OMG certified company, responsible businesses will be given temporary rights to display the OMG symbol on their products and services, proudly promoting their company’s social responsibility and measurable social impact, thus giving them a distinct marketing advantage over their competitors.

They will also be featured alongside other market-leading peers who have gained the OMG certification™, and have the opportunity to network and share through OM GUARANTEE™ events and conferences worldwide.

Certification is gained through a self-assessment program, an annual audit and by paying the appropriate fee to the OM CORPS.

However, it’s not just about showing people that they want to make a difference in their day-to-day business practices; the OMG certification™ also represents a measurable and guaranteed outcome of feeding the world’s poorest children, feeding rescued animals, providing water to the thirsty and planting trees in barren lands.

Charity Partner

feedOM’s pioneering charitable partner is Food for Life Global (FFLG). FFLG represents an international network of 211 food relief projects serving up to two million freshly cooked meals a day in over 60 countries to children in need. FFLG is endorsed by Sir Paul McCartney, Tulsi Gabbard and Nelson Mandela, to name just a few. Other charitable partners will be identified and contracted to deliver OMGs for feeding rescued animals, delivering water and planting trees.

Companies that use the OMG certification™ are directly partnering with the most cost-efficient food relief in the world, where 20 cents will feed a child a freshly prepared plant-based meal, $2 will feed 10 children and $20 will feed 100 children and so on.

Every purchase of OMG certified products or services not only show customers a company’s commitment to a better world, it also means a child is fed every day, guaranteed.

What better way to help solve the world’s hunger and poverty problems?