How it Works


The feedOM kindness ecosystem aims to help socially- responsible and conscious companies make a positive social impact that is not only measurable but certified! 

Our flagship sponsorship product is called the OM Guarantee™ (OMG) and we are exclusively licensing it to those companies whose products and/or services meet all the criteria of corporate social responsibility in their respective industry sector.

A company can assign any number of OMGs to a particular product or service and there are two ways to participate in the feedOM kindness ecosystem opportunity:

  1. Choose a custom monthly subscription that can be changed as needed to reflect the actual number of units sold of a particular product assigned the OM GUARANTEE™ certification.
  2. Purchase OMGs in bulk and attribute them across your entire product/service line, choosing how you want to offer them to your customers to entice their business.

In both cases, you will first sign a contractual agreement between your company and feedOM™ issuing you the right to use the OM Guarantee™ certification and QR code in your marketing.

Once your company has a membership account on our system, you will be provided code for your website that will display the OMG certification mark, a running tally of OMGs delivered, and a QR code that your customers can scan to confirm this number. You will also be provided high-resolution artwork for packaging if preferred.

Once payment is received, funds will be immediately sent to our charity partner to deliver your OMGs. Once they are delivered, the company representative will receive a notification from feedOM™ and all your OMG outputs will be automatically displayed on your website via a custom code we provide to you, which includes a QR code that your customers can scan to confirm these OMGs on our website.

How is the money allocated?

Each OM Guarantee™ costs the participating company 25 cents, paid to feedOM, who owns and manages the OM Guarantee certification. Of these 25 cents, a set amount is directly sent to our charity partner to deliver the social output. We will call this the Charity Output Fees (COF). This amount varies depending on the cost to the charity partner and factors can include local economy, labor, and raw material costs. It is important to note that the COF can vary tremendously from country to country. 

After this COF is directly sent to our non-profit partner, the remaining profit is allocated as follows: 5% of the Net (or 1.25 cents) is allocated to Food for Life Global, who is the principal marketing partner of feedOM and who oversees the contractual agreements between feedOM and our food relief charity partners.

The remaining Net is allocated to an OMG credits account to be used for offsetting the cost to deliver OMGs in more expensive markets and operations.

An independent auditor will oversee each one of these transactions to ensure the transparency of the feedOM kindness ecosystem.

Subscription Scenario

A company selling a product or service can attribute X number of OMGs to their product or service based on their marketing budget. Each OMG costs 25 cents. Depending on the profit margins for their product they can choose one or more OMGs or purchase in bulk with the minimum bulk package (Silver) priced at $2,500 for 10,000 OMGs.

Bulk Package Scenario

A company can attribute all their purchased OMGs across their entire brand and offer them as incentives to their customers to purchase a particular service or product. For example, an airline might purchase 100,000 OMGs for $25,000 and then offer them to customers who purchase a premium or above seat on their flight. Premium = feed 10 children (marketing cost $2.50), Business = feed 50 children (marketing cost $12.50) and First-class = feed 100 children (marketing cost $25).

Tax Benefits

Unlike a donation to charity, sponsorship can be considered part of your advertising budget and therefore it may be fully tax-deductible. Please consult your tax expert to confirm.

OM Guarantee Subscription Branding Example

The following is an example of the code display on an OM Guarantee™ certified Company website. The QR code is for their customers to confirm the actual number of OMGs delivered.

OMG-Certified Business

Join the feedOM kindness ecosystem today and be recognized as an OM Guarantee™ certified company. Membership is free and only members can purchase OMG credits.

What better way to help solve the world’s hunger and poverty problems?